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About J.Lawrie & Sons

The family

George “Jaffy” Lawrie – Fish Curer and Smoker.

George Lawrie of Mallaig, known throughout the quays and harbours of Scotland as “Jaffy” acquired his knowledge of smoking and curing from his father as they followed the shoals of herring all around the coasts of Britian.

In 1944, Jaffy was to form the original family business of Lawrie & sons and eventually, he in turn passed on the craft to his sons, George and Archie.  George and Archie built the smokehouse we use to this day and built a great reputation of  quality and service throughout  the Highland.

Jaffys Organic Oak Smoked Salmon

Jaffys Organic Oak Smoked Salmon

Second Generation
Jaffys legacy, the secrets of long, gentle cure and the complex and traditional ways of sealing-in the unique flavour of a fish, has now been handed down to a third generation of the Lawrie family, George’s son, also George Jeffrey like his grandfather, Jaffy, but known as Jeff.

Third Generation
Having taken over the business in the early 90’s Jeff and his wife Shona continue to produce the highest quality products using the traditional methods of the family.  Winning several national awards from the Guild of fine food, most notably for our Mallaig Kippers, and being UK, Scottish Speciality Food of the Year 2011, 2014 & 2016.


Fourth GenerationJaffys Great grandaughter

Jeff, like his ancestors has again passed the unique and dying art of traditional smoking on to his four children who will carry the methods forward to future generations.


Rich in heart healthy omega 3, Kippers and Salmon are not only a tasty treat but are a natural health food rich in Selenium, vitamin B12, phosphorous, vitamin D and protein.

Sustainability and the environment.
We source all of our herring from sustainable sources, always those caught in Scottish waters landed at ports as near to our smokehouse as possible.  This protects stocks, the environment and ensures that the herring we use is the freshest it can be, to produce a truly remarkable smoked product. As a sustainable fish, they are on the Marine Conservation Society’s list of fish to eat.

Multi Award Winning Jaffys Mallaig Kippers